Tuesday, October 2, 2007

back after a long pause!!

hello friends!!

i think many of you would have concluded that my blogging reached a dead-end!! even i was not sure if i could revive that...

but there are times when you feel an impulse working inside you and making you to do something long due.

i got such an impulse today and made up my mind to update my blog!

i think i'm getting more poetic today! so if you like some poetry here is something for you...

in my melange this is a new treat!! but if you are not art loving, don't worry, my mixed bag will have room for everything in due course...

ideal case!

subtle still bold

shining and like gold

confident not audacious

open yet cautious

intelligent and wise

beaming as in sunrise

friendly yet discreet

disposition always sweet

brave not cowardly

prudent not niggardly

who could this be if you ask me

i would say it's the ideal person to be!!

1 comment:

Harshad Desai said...

Very good poem to renew ur blog.....The poem title can be changed to
Abhijit- An Ideal Person